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Trevecca Authors

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April 19, 2013, Celebrating Trevecca Authors

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Preparing for SACS and NCAA Div II
Campus Visits

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Handout: QEP Talking Points
February 25, 2013, Preparing for Campus Visits by SACS and NCAA Div II Representatives

Two critical events in the on-going development of TNU will occur in late March: the on-site visit from a SACS review team for university accreditation, followed by an on-site visit of NCAA Division II reviewers to examine the University’s progress toward membership. Each member of the faculty, administration, staff, and students has a stake in the outcome of these events and may be formally or informally interviewed by the teams.

In this Faculty-Administrator meeting, Dr. Pusey will bring us up-to-date on plans for these visits, describe expectations, and help prepare us for our part in the events. Lena Welch will provide additional information on the Quality Enhancement Plan, and Steve Harris, Mark Elliott, and Greg Runyon will share the plans for the NCAA review.

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Faculty Sabbatical Leave Reports
Audio: 130204_Sabbatical_Rpts.mp3
February 4, 2013, Faculty Sabbatical Leave Reports

Dr. Roy Philip, Business and Technology, and Dr. Ron Maurer, Social and Behavioral Sciences, reported on their activities during sabbatical leave in 2012.

At the close of these reports Dr. Mike Vail gave a brief update on the pilot test for course evaluations conducted in Fall 2012.

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Introducing the TNU Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)
Audio: 121126_QEP_intro.mp3
Visuals: 121126_QEP_Intro.pdf
Handout: Research_Skill_Dev.pdf
Additional Clarification, Comments, and Links:
November 26, 2012, Introduction to the TNU Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Dr. Lena Welch, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, chair of the QEP Implementation Team introduced the timeline, phases, and components for the Quality Enhancement Plan.

Visuals include the PowerPoint presentation with definitions and outcome statements and a rubric, Research Skill Development Framework (John Willison and Kerry O'Regan, The University of Adelaide)
Student Debt, Employability, and Value of Christian Education
Audio: 121029_StudDebt_HigherEd.mp3
October 19, 2012, Discussion: Student Debt, Employability, Value of Christian Higher Education

Mike Leih, Dean Diehl, and Mike Vail introduced the topic of growing student loan debt, what employers are looking for from our graduates, and a reasoned way to respond to criticism of higher education. Faculty were given time to ask questions and participate in the discussion.

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Report of 2011-12 General Education Assessment
Audio: 121012_GenEd_rpt.mp3
Visuals: 121012 GenEd Rpt.pdf
Handout: ETS PP Design.docx
October 12, 2012, 2011-12 General Education Assessment Report
Assessment results for the 2011-12 General Education program were presented to the faculty. The report included the purpose of the General Education curriculum, its intended student learning outcomes, the assessment process and assessment results. Mike Vail, chair of General Education Committee, included information from an item analysis for 2009-2012 Proficiency Profile assessment. Discussion followed the presentation.
TNU External Academic Programs
audio: 120921_External_Contr.mp3
September 21, 2012 TNU External Academic Programs
Trevecca Nazarene University has various external academic programs available to students in various fields of study. These include study abroad, film and media study, environmental and oceanographic sciences, journalism, engineering, language immersion. At the request of the Academic Council a review of several external programs were shared with the faculty by Emilie Eaton, Jeff Frame, Chris Farrell, and Fred Cawthorne. Carol Maxson moderated the session.
Opening Faculty-Administrator Workshop
Workshop Program: 120821_Program.pdf
Plenary Session
1. Eaton, A House on a Rock
Audio: 120821_Eaton_House.mp3
2. Lepter, Christian Liberal Arts Education
Audio: 120821_Lepter_Theme.mp3
Visuals: 120821_Lepter_PPT.pdf
3. Eaton, Sing Us A Song Of Joy
Audio: 120821_Eaton_Song.mp3
Concurrent Session
1. Liberal Arts, Student Debt, and Employability
Audio: 120821_Panel_1.mp3
2. Faculty and Administrator Perspectives on the Integration of a Biblical Worldview in Christian Education
Audio: 120821_Meredith.mp3
Visuals: 120821_Meredith_Worldview.pdf
3. Student and Faculty Research and Creative Endeavors in Liberal Arts Curricula
Audio: 120821_Panel_3.mp3
4. What Place Do Liberal Arts Have in Professional Education?
Audio: 120821_Panel_4.mp3
Philip Eaton
Doug Lepter
August 21, 2012 TNU Opening Faculty-Administrator Workshop: Christian Liberal Arts Education
The theme for the Opening Workshop was Christian Liberal Arts Education. The workshop included
  1. a worship service with Dr. Phillip Eaton, past-president of Seattle Pacific University and author of our chosen book-of-the-year, delivering the message, A House On a Rock: Becoming A Light For All The World.
  2. an introduction to the workshop theme, Christian Liberal Arts Education,by Dr. Doug Lepter
  3. Sing Us A Song Of Joy, a session with Dr. Eaton looking at ideas from his book, Engaging the Culture, Changing the World: The Christian University in a Post-Christian World.
  4. and concurrent workshops on various topics.
Recorded concurrent sessions were
  1. Liberal arts, student debt, and employabilityMichael Karounos, moderator; Panel: Brett Armstrong, Chad Maxson, Dean Diehl, Jeff Frame, Jooly Philip
  2. Faculty and administrator perspectives on the integration of a biblical worldview in Christian education.A 2012 student research report by Rachel Meredith.
  3. Student and faculty research and creative endeavors in liberal arts curricula.Joe Cole, moderator; Panel: Randy Carden, Fred Cawthorne, Graham Hillard, Alice Patterson, Roy Philip
  4. What place do liberal arts have in professional education? Susan Lahey, moderator; Panel:Amy Conditt, Mike Jackson, Mike Leih, Matt Murdock, Peter Wilson