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TNU Authors Celebration

Audio: 140414 TNU Authors.mp3
Program Handout: Publication Program
April 14, 2014. Trevecca Authors 2013-14

This year 13 faculty members published 32 books and
articles. See the program handout for bibliographic
Student Research Symposium

25 video sessions are available on-demand. Just click:
April 7, 2014. Student Research Symposium

This year’s TNU Student Research Symposium was held
on Monday, April 7, 2014 under the direction of Dr. Brett
Armstrong. Twenty-six students reported on their research
projects and creative endeavors. Students represented ten
different academic disciplines. The presentations are a great
example of the academic quality of our students and how
they are contributing to the body of human knowledge.

In case you were unable to attend the symposium or were
required to choose between five presentations being
delivered simultaneously, the sessions were captured on
video and you may view the sessions on-demand at

Feel free to share this link with Trevecca students, faculty,
family, and prospects.
UR-QEP Annual Report

Audio: 140224_QEP_Update.mp3

QEP Presentation: 140224 Welch ppt.pdf

TNU4U Pre-registration Demo:

February 24, 2014. Undergraduate Research Quality
Enhancement Plan Report

The first announcement was from Becky Niece, Registrar.
Becky showed a demonstration of the new student
registration process within the new portal, TNU4U. The
link to the demo is listed in the right-hand column.

Lena Welch, QEP Director and Dean, School of Arts &
Sciences, gave the update report for the first year of
Trevecca's Quality Enhancement Plan. She shared the
time with Megan Edmister (INT 1100) and Graham Hillard
(ENG 1020, 1080).
Teaching with Technology

Audio: 140203_Teach-w-Tech.mp3

QR Code Handout: 140203 QR Handout.doc
S3 Announcement: 140203_CLCS-S3_Handout.pdf
February 3, 2014. Teaching with Technology, Dr. Penney

Penney Cardin reported on several teaching technologies
she discovered at the Georgia Educational technology
conference in 2013. The list included Pol Everywhere, QR
Code maker, QR Code Reader, Infuse Learning, Powtoon,
Educreations, and Lino. Download the QR Code handout
before you listen to the presentation and play along with
your smartphone or tablet.
National Praise and Worship Institute Update

Audio: 131125_NPWI_audio.mp3
November 25, 2013. National Praise and Worship Institute

The NPWI has been operating on the TNU campus for
nearly a semester and this update describes the work of
NPWI, Trevecca's first accredited certificate program. Sam
Green, the academic director presented enrollment data
and two NPWI students introduced themselves and talked
about their experience within the program. Mark Hosny,
artistic director, demonstrated the interface students use
to direct their learning activities for NPWI.
2012-13 Sabbatical Leave Reports

Audio: 131028 Sabbatical Rpts.mp3
Presentation Slides:
Ruth Cox: RCox Sabbatical.pdf
Jeff Frame: JFrame Sabbatical.pdf
Tim Green: TGreen Sabbatical.pdf

TNU Wellness Program Announcement
Announcement: Wellness Announc.pdf
Handout: Wellness Plan handout.pdf
J Frame, R Cox, T Green
October 28, 2013. Faculty Sabbatical Leave Reports

Joe Cole announced the new TNU Wellness Program
through which employees can earn a quarterly bonus
for participation in the program.

Ruth Cox reported on the completion and publishing of her
book, Navigating Leadership: Tools for leading effective
organizations, with co-author, Esther Swink. Jeff Frame
described his summer sabbatical visiting theater sites in
Great Britain and attending theater workshops in the USA.
Tim Green told of writing projects, teaching assignments,
and trips to Europe, India, and Georgia during his Spring
and Summer sabbatical.
Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Audio: 131011_IRB.mp3

2012-13 General Education Assessment

Audio: 131011_GenEd_rpt.mp3
Presentation: 131011 GenEd Rpt.pdf
Alisha Russell

Mike Vail

October 11, 2013. IRB Procedures; General Education
Assessment Report

Two distinct presentations were made in this meeting.
Alisha Russell, chair of the Institutional Review Board
(IRB) described the federal and institutional requirements
and procedures for conducting research involving human

In the second presentation Mike Vail reported the results
of the 2012-13 assessment of the General Education
program at Trevecca.

Exploring the Retention Jigsaw
Puzzle: Creating a Complete Picture

Audio: 130920_Retention.mp3
Presentation: 130920 Retention Presentation.pdf
Handouts: Advisor Report.pdf
CLCS Retention Protocol.pdf
September 20, 2013, Exploring the Retention Jigsaw
Puzzle: Creating a Complete Picture

Tom Middendorf, Megan Edmister, and Jeff Swink
presented Exploring the Retention Jigsaw Puzzle:
Creating a Complete Picture. The presentation reported
TNU retention activities facilitated by the Center for
Leadership, Calling, and Service (CLCS). The purpose
was to demonstrate efforts to identify at-risk students
for early intervention.

Opening Faculty-Administrator Workshop

1. John Willison, Research Skill
Development Framework
Video link:
Handouts: RSD Framework
Commonly known, comonly not known, totally unknown:
a framework for students becoming researchers;
When Academics integrate RSD
Resources: www.rsd.edu.au;
Examples for various disciplines:
John Willison
August 20, 2013, Undergraduate Research--Quality
Enhancement Plan

The Opening Workshop for 2013-14 focused on the
Research Skill Development Framework, created under
the leadership of John Willison, University of Adelaide
(Australia). Dr. Willison presented the key features of the
Framework via video conference to the faculty in the
opening session of the workshop. The presentation was
recorded and may be viewed at the link provided. Some
audio echo occurred but the content is excellent.
2. Tom Scott, Creating an Undergraduate
Research Culture
Audio: 130820 Scott-CUR OpenWkshp.mp3
Click to request copies of the presentation and examples
Resources: www.cur.org
Tom Scott
During the second session, Dr. Tom Scott, Mercer
University and Council for Undergraduate Research (CUR),
discussed ways to create a culture of undergraduate
research at the university, school, department, and course
levels. He described examples for each level of integration.
The audio is incomplete but he has provided text copies of
his examples and presi presentation, which will be posted
within a week.
3. Praise & Worship Service
Music: 130820 OpenWkshp Music.mp3
Invitation to Christian Community:
130820 Boone OpenWkshp.mp3
Dan Boone
After lunch the group participated in a time of praise,
worship, and communion. Singing was led by Mark
Hosny, Sam Green, David Diehl, Bryce Fox, Jeff Frame,
and Jeff Cox. Dr. Dan Boone spoke about God in Three
Persons, Blessed Trinity, as a model of Christian
community. The session concluded with Dr. Tim Green leading us in communion.