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QEP Topic Selection Focus Group
Audio: 110228_QEP_Select.mp3
Slides: 110228_QEP.pdf
Suzie Harris
February 28, 2011 Quality Enhancement Plan Topic Selection The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) TNU is developing as part of our SACS accreditation review was introduced to faculty and administrators at this meeting. The faculty served as a focus group to generate topics for the campus-wide enhancement plan. A topic selection committee will review and select the topic for the QEP. Dr. Suzie Harris is chairing the Topic Selection Committee.
2009-10 General Education Assessment
1. QEP-Initiative Audio: 101015_QEP_Initiative.mp3
Handout: QEP_Timeline.pdf
2. GenEd Assessment Audio: 101015_GenEd_Assess.mp3
Handout: 101015_GenEdAssess.pdf
3. Improving Student Writing Audio: 101015_GenEd_Writing.mp3
Handout: 101015_Handouts.pdf;
Quality in Writing.pdf
Roy Philip

Michael Karounos

October 15, 2010 General Education Assessment Results and Improving Student Writing
The session was divided into three parts:
1. Carol Maxson and Steve Pusey: Announcements about QEP Timeline for SACS and TNU's initative for 450 new students in 2011-12
2. Mike Vail: Summary of General Education assessment results for 2009-10
3. Roy Philip and Michael Karounos: Ways to improve student writing in all disciplines

101015_Handouts.pdf contains rubrics that accompany Dr. Philip's presentation and Quality in Writing.pdf are for Dr. Karounos's presentation. Download these files and follow along as you listen to the audio file.
FERPA Information and Examples
Audio: 100927_FERPA.mp3
Slides: 100927_FERPA.pdf
FERPA Student Disclosure Form: DisclosureFormFall10.pdf
Lena Welch
September 27, 2010 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Dr. Lena Welch undertook the research and presentation of FERPA law and application to the TNU campus community. The audio recording and PowerPoint of her presentation are available for download by clicking on the files names in the first column.
2010-11 Opening Faculty-Administrator Workshop
Audio recordings:
100824_Questions_Keynote.mp3 100824_Missional_Univ.mp3
Ron Benefiel
August 24, 2010 The Christian University: A Kingdom Community in Education
Dr. Ron Benefiel, President of Nazarene Theological Seminary, presented the keynote address to the faculty and administration of TNU. The keynote address laid the theological foundation for participation in Christian community. Participants discussed the address and created questions for Dr. Benefiel.
In session 2, Dr. Benefiel introduced the idea of being a missional people, participating in God's mission to the world. Faculty and administrators conducted an extended discussion of these concepts and reported to the whole group.
Following lunch, five people provided a delightful time of light entertainment. Leroy Pepper played two songs on his harmonica. Matthew Huddleston recited The Cremation of Sam McGee (which fit well with the temperature in the convocation center). Roy Philip showed his talent for magic, and Judy Tullis and Matt Murdock played a piano-trumpet duet.
A panel of Kathy Mowry, Heather Bryant, Leroy Pepper, and David Diehl answered questions about how TNU can prepare graduates to actively engage in the missio dei, God's mission.
The closing session addressed ways to remove barriers to Christian community.