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Student Learning Outcomes
slides: Student_Learning_Outcomes.ppt
Planning guide: Course Planning.pdf
Outcome examples:
Carol Maxson
March 30, 2010 (Grad Psych, PA), April 7, 2010 (Arts & Sciences), April 19, 2010 (Religion, Business and MHR)
Three workshops were conducted by Dr. Maxson preparing faculty to update course syllabi using appropriate student learning outcome statements. Faculty should be able to describe the connection between course-level student learning outcomes, program outcomes and institutional educational outcomes. Format for the student learning outcomes should use a stem-verb structure where verbs are selected from Bloom's levels of learning matching the curricular level of the course. The PowerPointpresentation, handouts and a link to examples are provided.
The State of Online Education at Trevecca
Presenation/panel audio: 100325_TNU_online_a.mp3
Discussion Group Report audio: 100325_TNU_online_b.mp3
slides: TNU_Online.pdf

March 25, 2010 Faculty-Administrator Spring Workshop and Dinner
Faculty Development Committee presented the 2010 Spring workshop and dinner on the topic of The State of Online Education at Trevecca. Carol Maxson described the changing environment that has led TNU to offer its first fully online Masters of Organizational Leadership degree program. A faculty panel of James Agee, Ed Anthony, Penney Cardin, Dean Diehl, and Lena Welch described their personal experiences with online courses (Presentation/panel audio), significant discussion ensued among participants (Discussion Group Report audio).
Introduction to SACS and QEP
Steve Pusey, Carol Maxson

March 1, 2010 Faculty-Administrator Meeting
Steve Pusey and Carol Maxson introduced the preparation plan and terminology for the 2013 reaffirmation visit by SACS. Carol Maxson described the process for creating a Quality Enhancement Plan that will be occur in conjunction with SACS reaffirmation.
Designing Learning Activities to Develop Critical Thinking Skills
audio: 100224_CT.mp3 submitted activity ideas:

Critical Thinking Ideas
Brett Armstrong
February 24, 2010 Faculty-Administrator Meeting
Brett Armstrong moderated a session in which faculty members shared their favorite learning activities to develop higher order learning and critical thinking among students. Intended outcomes were 1)
Move toward a common understanding of critical thinking; 2) Generate ideas for learning activities that can be used in General Education and intro-level courses, and 3) Be intentional about utilizing learning activities that promote higher-level learning and critical thinking by students.

Click here for additional teaching-learning strategies
suggested by faculty.
Copyright and Fair-Use in Higher Education
091130 CopyrightFairUse.pdf
Working With Fair Use
Fair Use Analysis Worksheet
Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers

Ruth Kinnersley

November 30, 2009 Faculty-Administrator Meeting
Ruth Kinnersley and Prilla Speer presented information to faculty and administrators on application of the Copyright Act to higher education. Emphasis was placed on the Fair-Use portion of the Act and the factors that must be weighed in determining fair-use. The presentation is a guideline for educational use of copyrighted materials and does not constitute legal advice.
Panel Discussion of The Soul of a Christian University, Ch. 8.
audio: Soul of Christian Univ
September 28, 2009 Facutly-Administrator Meeting
Panel discussion of the Book of the Year, The Soul of a Christian University, Chapter 8. Panel members: Steve Hoskins, Ruth Kinnersley, Dean Diehl(36 min., mp3)
Faculty Development Opportunities
2009-10 events co-sponsored by the Faculty Development Committee.
audio: Fac Dev Opportunities
handout: handout.doc

September 28, 2009 Faculty-Administrator Meeting
Description of some campus-based faculty development opportunities for 2009-10 at TNU. (11 min., mp3)
Opening Fac-Admin Workshop
Keynote Address: TNU, A Wesleyan Institution: Wesleyan Theology and Educational Practice
audio: 090825_Boone16.mp3
slides: 090825 Boone_Keynote.pdf
companion article: download

Dan Boone

August 25, 2009 Keynote Address for the Opening Faculty-Administrator Workshop.
TNU President Dan Boone described the distinctives of a Wesleyan institution of higher education. You may listen to his keynote address in the audio file, view his accompanying slides or read the companion article from Holiness Today.
Opening Fac-Admin Workshop
Faculty Panel: The Story of God as a context for TNU education
audio: 090825_Panel16.mp3
slides: Faculty_Panel.pdf
Responses to Round Table Discussions: Round Table responses.pdf

Mike Vail

August 25, 2009 Faculty Panel for the Opening Faculty-Administrator Workshop.
Mike Vail moderated a faculty panel that responded to questions concerning The Story of God as a context for TNU education. The panel was composed of Esther Swink (Education), Amy Murphy (Disability Services), Nate Kerr (Religion), Fred Cawthorne (Physics), and Graham Hillard (English).