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The Story of God
A Context for General Education
March 2, 2009
Faculty-Administrator responses

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Question 1: What value does a consistent theme or context for General Education (like Revealing the Story of God) contribute to a student’s Trevecca education? (Click here for responses)
Question 2: What content or topic illustrates how your discipline reveals part of The Story of God? (Click here for responses)
Question 3: What would help faculty make more informed judgments about The Story of God as the context for General Education curriculum? (Click here for responses)
Question 4: Other comments (Click here for responses)

Question 4:
Other comments?


  • Varying theological backgrounds and levels of thought about theological things can result in a "hodge-podge" of ideas about what God’s story is.

Communication Studies

  • Great session!


  • Focusing on the "whole student" is a great idea
  • Today was very abstract


  • Good stuff, as long as faculty have a great deal of flexibility regarding implementation.

Human Performance

  • Good job, today
  • We need to see the beauty, creativity, patterns and structures and express these rather than just read devotionals and scripture

History & Political Science

  • Somehow, in my undergraduate experience at Trevecca (40 years ago) the integration of faith & learning happened. Perhaps this "aha" moment came out of saturation in a liberal arts "atmosphere." Certainly, as a religion major & philosophy minor, I was aware of the contextual "story of God."

Center for Leadership, Calling, and Serivce

  • I really like this context and see it as a good way of developing the student holistically.

Physician Assistant

  • Interesting ideas worth further discussion and development

Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • Perhaps a different name than "The Story of God" would be better. The idea is good, but the name is a little narrow.


  • Great dialogue