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The Story of God
A Context for General Education
March 2, 2009
Faculty-Administrator responses

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Question 1: What value does a consistent theme or context for General Education (like Revealing the Story of God) contribute to a student’s Trevecca education? (Click here for responses)
Question 2: What content or topic illustrates how your discipline reveals part of The Story of God? (Click here for responses)
Question 3: What would help faculty make more informed judgments about The Story of God as the context for General Education curriculum? (Click here for responses)
Question 4: Other comments (Click here for responses)

Question 1: What value does a consistent theme or context for General Education (like Revealing the Story of God) contribute to a student’s Trevecca education?


  • Educating the "whole" student through one process vs. a series or sequence of mini-processes
  • It provides an integrating context to make connections between all knowledge (disciplines) and removes the sometime artificial and forced integration of faith and learning.
  • A broad overview of the beauty of God’s creation—intellectually, physically, and spiritually
  • Good idea but is it the "story of God" or "story of man"?
  • Improves frame of reference
  • Excellent theme
  • Lots; our intuition that all of this is important is correct. We just need to find a better way to articulate it.
  • Hopefully, that won’t see Gen. Ed. As just a bunch of required courses, but will come to a better understanding of God.

Communication Studies

  • I believe this is a wonderful explanatory and exploratory paradigm for the curriculum
  • Students often question why they need to take our Gen Ed Class or some other one. This unites all knowledge areas into a logical experience that will help them understand why they were created.
  • It provides an infrastructure for our understanding which we can then pass on to the bewildered students


  • It puts the university’s mission & vision into reality. It provides a purpose of how God truly fits into all aspects of life. It provides a means for the transfer of learning across all disciplines rather than being compartmentalized.
  • Helps students see that all life can/should be lived within God’s plan and ministry is possible through/in every discipline.
  • Students will be able to see the interconnectedness and value of the Gen Ed courses. They may begin to see where "they" actually fit in the bigger scheme of things.
  • Gives a reason; makes connections
  • In education courses—interdisciplinary collaboration is taught and modeled. This idea is inherent to a "whole child."
  • It’s hard for students to see "the big picture" and particularly, to make sense of how all the little pieces fit. This organizing theme can really help students understand all aspects of their college career—beyond their major & Gen Ed, even.
  • Contributes to foundational strength of the experience (college education)
  • It would contribute to the holistic growth of our students. It would definitely grow them spiritually.
  • ?Need to know more about how it would be done to show the consistency?


  • It may be quite useful, and I like the proposed theme
  • That life has such multifaceted aspects
  • It provides the student with an answer to life’s questions from non-believers

Human Performance

  • Hopefully, it helps the student to get a better grasp on the total picture of life
  • All aspects of our educational programs should help tell the story

Graduate Psychology and Psychology

  • It provides a common language that all students can use to communicate with one another
  • Let’s them focus as a group with commonality
  • Very much. Application for students learning a biblical perspective for professional counseling and psychotherapy if this is their professional goal

History & Political Science

  • It encourages a perception of unity/coherence on the part of the students
  • Brings coherence and meaning to all students’ study and exploration. Gives an "integrating factor" for an education taught from a Christian perspective.

Center for Leadership, Calling, and Serivce

  • I believe it will reinforce the value of Gen Ed in students’ minds and help them to grow holistically as students.
  • It gives a true understanding of the integration of faith and learning. All disciplines work from the same starting point!


  • It gives a greater appreciation of the integration of information, data, knowledge and the continuing work that God is doing.

Physician Assistant

  • We learn to make disorder (illness) move in the direction of order (return to health) for the benefit of those we treat. We also try to instill in our students that sometimes the will of God is not our will.


  • It would be invaluable—students need help framing their ideals & justifying their time & expense. Faculty need better means of judging their work. This would help immensely.
  • An "advanced organizer" of this type always helps with integration and actual learning.
  • This will help students to see an overall theme and structure of what we’re trying to do with General Education as opposed to just a random grouping of classes that they "have to" take to graduate. It also helps professors have a better understanding of how to incorporate and integrate faith and learning.
  • Provides structure for the randomness. Gives a unifying theme which the students can take hold of as well as the faculty

Science and Mathematics

  • Seeing the "big picture," an integrated relationship among seemingly separate ideas, would help students stay interested in Gen Ed courses. Hopefully, there will be fewer comments of "Let me get this over with, ‘cause I’ll never use it (or think about it) again."

Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • Give General Education meaning & purpose
  • It should cause varied courses to "hang together" to enable students to make connections even when they are only implied or suggested in a course.
  • I think the theme presented is a great beginning. It helps us look at what we do very cohesively—things fit together.
  • Helps tie Gen Ed together & relates it to the student’s life


  • It provides a meaningful and life-changing structure that could result in greater synthesis of learning